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Yesterday 18-AUG-2008 president resigns!

President Resigns

President Pervez Musharraf's address to the nation begins with the recitation of Holy Quran

Country is passing through difficult time

Today is the day for important decisions

Country was about to be declared a failed state

I have full faith in Allah that if we work hard with honesty, Allah will be with us

I faced several crises during the last nine years

Nobody ever faced challenges which I had to face during my regime

I faced many challenges including 9/11 and situation in northern areas

Allah helped me cope with all these challenges

My intentions remained very positive during this time

I always put the country and its people first

I gave the slogan "Pakistan first" to the nation

Some elements put their vested interest above those of the country

These elements leveled false allegations against me

Some elements are accusing me of current electricity crisis and other problems

Details will be released in the press

Our economy was on right track on December 2007, seven months ago

Our Foreign exchange reserves climbed to 17 billion dollars

KSE index touched 16,000 points

It was the result of our economic policies

These were the indicators of Pakistan's economy seven months back

Now (foreign exchange) reserves have reached below 10 billion dollars

KSE-100 index has plunged below 10,000 points

Foreign investors have stopped investing in Pakistan

Wheat, pulses' prices went up

Poor people are struggling to make ends meet

Those who criticize our policies are presenting a false picture to the nation

Power crises was the outcome of demand which witnessed increase after development projects

Power generation remained 3000 MW during last 8-9 years

Demand was higher than generation

750 km long coastal highway was built in the past years

Islamabad-Murree Expressway was constructed

Many link-roads were built in northern areas

Roads networks laid across the country

Mirani dam inaugurated, dam in Skardu completed

Capacity will be doubled for Mangla dam

More dams are being built

Thal, Rani canals are being constructed

3-million acres land will be irrigated

Our agriculture produce will be boosted by these canals

Gwadar port was established

There is a revolution in telecom sector

Massive industrialization was taking place in Pakistan

Four to five hotels are being constructed in Islamabad

With the emergence of Industries, employment opportunities were created

We made noticeable progress in education sector

We started technical training, thousands of children being trained

Foreign universities were about to open their campuses in Pakistan

1500 PhDs every month

Primary and Secondary health care was given preference

Safe drinking water system planned across the country

6000 purification plants were being planned in the country

Three-pronged strategy adopted for women sector

Political empowerment was result of our policies

We abolished discriminatory laws

We empowered minority by giving joint electorate power

We have a rich heritage, culture.

Quaid Mausoleum was renovated, more space was made useable around the Mazar

We have opened art gallery

In Lahore, a Bab-e-Pakistan is under construction

NIPA (National Institute of Performing Arts) was established to promote art

There was only a label of democracy, we put essence in it.

We introduced local government system

Those who are against local government system, are against Pakistan

Two elections were conducted under my rule

It is the essence of democracy

Before 9/11 nobody knew Pakistan, we gave image and value to Pakistan

Pakistan is given importance in international forums

We inducted police personnel on basis of merits, we increased their capabilities

New terrorism culture began after 9/11 which we need to defeat jointly

I am proud of all my achievements

Delegates of 80 countries arrived in Pakistan during donors' conference

We were pledged more aid than expected

These achievements are for people of Pakistan

Current political situation

I always promoted reconciliation in the country

I have talked about three-phased gradual transition

Third phase was last year when I quit post of army chief

Power was transferred after transparent elections

After Feb 18 elections, people associated their hopes with the elected people

They wanted better future, leaving behind past

Unfortunately, my all appeals regarding reconciliation went in vain

My efforts failed

Some elements were playing politics with economy, terrorism

Politics of vendetta began

I was blamed for hatching conspiracy from presidency which is completely baseless.

Free fair elections were held in which all parties participated. We made sure everybody participates in the election.

Prime Minister's unopposed election was held, how?

A culture of decency also developed in Sindh, Balochistan

I have publicly announced my support to the government

I announced to share my experience with the government with all my capabilities to face the challenges

Coalition took me as a problem not solution

The ruling coalition wants to impeach me, why?

Are they scared of my legal and constitutional right?

Impeachment and preparation of charge-sheet are rights of people, and to fight the impeachment move is my right

No charge-sheet can stand against me; they can not prove any charge against me

I did all with on the basis of "Pakistan First"

I took on board all the stakeholders including army, politicians, civil society members, Ulemas for every critical decision

I am not worried about charge-sheet, they can not prove any charge

The question that now arises is: Impeachment issue will affect the country

Can country afford uncertainty and instability.

Country can not bear politics of confrontation

It is the time for some serious thoughts

Nation will defeat whatever the result of impeachment would be

I offer my life for the sake of the country

I served the country for 45 years

I think that I should do something to bring the country out of crisis

I want to save the parliament from horse trading

If impeachment move is defeated, in my view, confrontation will exist between state institutions

Parliament and judiciary may face confrontation

I don't want to drag the army into politics

I consulted with legal advisers, army and aides

In the better interest of the I resign form my post

Speaker will have my resignation later today

I don't want anything from anyone

We have given sacrifices, our sacrifices are exemplary, I salute to them

I am thankful to my political companions to support me during this year

I am thankful to civil servants, their role in the functioning has been amazing, I am proud of them

I am a middle class person and part of people

I always think about the people's pain

Prayers of my mother remained with me and my wife and children always supported and this is my strength

May Allah protect the country

May Allah make the lives of people better

My life is always for the people of Pakistan

Good Bye to Pakistan

Pakistan Painda bad

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