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Imran Khan

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Aamir Khan’s next home production titled, Delhi Belly has gained immense popularity over the last few weeks. The soundtracks have been backed up with hilarious music videos and nephew Imran Khan will be playing the main protagonist. The movie will be screened at the London Film Festival soon, but before that, DesiHits! caught up with Imran Khan to find out more about his character and the eagerly awaited item number.

DH!: There's been much talk about the movie being a huge success already, why do you think this is?

Imran: The music of the film plays an important role before the release of a Bollywood movie, and takes a massive amount of pressure of us actors. We’re lucky to say the music of Delhi Belly has been received so well.

DH!: Your character is already looking quite rebellious in the promos, how challenging was the role for you?

Imran: Honestly, this was a role tailor made for me; I clicked with the character straight away. My character’s name is Tashi in the movie and he has a very dry sense of humor. When I read my lines, I knew exactly how I needed to say them.

DH!: Aamir Khan recently quoted, ''I don't think anyone over the age of 30 years will go catch this movie'', what's you're take on this?

Imran: I don’t think the movie has an age limit; you just have to be young at heart to watch it. As long as you have a sense of humor, you’ll love the movie; it’s definitely not for those people who take films too seriously. We were definitely aware of the tone of the movie beforehand.

DH!: You've released an interesting music video, and we hear there's another in the making where you'll be sporting the look of an hip pop artist, any more surprises in store?

Imran: The entire album is great; all the songs have a funny theme incorporated in them, which gave us more scope to play around. There will be many more surprises to look forward to, but I can’t tell you just yet. My hip pop video will have a Punjabi pop video theme to it.

DH!: Last year we saw Munni and Shelia rock item numbers, this year we’ll be seeing Shalu, what's the item number for Delhi Belly looking like so far?

Imran: We’re not sure if the item song is still going ahead, we’ll be deciding in the next few days.

DH!: Aamir Khan recently said, ‘If we can’t find an item girl soon, I’ll just have to do it myself!’

Imran: (Laughs) I hope not, I’m sure we can find someone sexier than him.
DH!: The song "Bhag DK Bose" is gaining a lot of popularity, what's you're favorite song?

Imran: I have two favorite songs which are "Saigal Blues" and "I Hate You (Like I Love You)". I would have loved to be apart of the music composition, but our music director, Ram Sampat has done a great job.

DH!: We hear you're sharing screen space with Mamu Aamir Khan, what was it like?

Imran: Yes, we recently shot for a new promo together, with the other two boys in the movie. The promo involves giving the audience an idea as to what to expect from the movie. Mamu won’t be starring in the movie itself.

DH!: And finally will this be Imran Khan's best performance till date?

Imran: I hope not, I hope you’ll be seeing better performances in the future, but I’m happy with the way my performance has turned out.

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